I’m a Democrat – and I’m endorsing Jason Whalen for Pierce County Council.  I’ve served on the Tacoma City Council since 2016. During this time, I’ve learned how extremely important it is to work with our partners in County government to make sure that Tacoma and Pierce County residents receive the best services and results from their government. Collaboration – with those across the aisle and government agencies – is a vital part of working for the good of the people. I know Jason shares this outlook – it’s why I believe he is the council member that Pierce County needs to tackle our communities’ challenges. 

Party labels don’t define Jason. He is committed to doing what is right for every family, no matter the politics. Jason is a man of integrity with a strong work ethic. He is an accomplished attorney and has a proven track record of serving his community on the Lakewood City Council. I am proud to endorse Jason because I know he will work hard to do what is right for all of Pierce County. 

Jason is committed to voting to increase mental and behavioral health services. A commitment I know he will keep because he has a record as Lakewood’s Deputy Mayor of supporting increased human services funding, including mental health.  

Jason is also committed to increasing affordable housing. This issue greatly impacts Pierce County, and particularly our residents who are currently facing homelessness. It’s a challenge that does not have a simple solution. Making progress requires leaders like Jason who understand the complexities of what it takes to actually build more housing. Jason is committed to fighting for affordable housing throughout Pierce County for all residents, including those experiencing homelessness and Jason will support the safety net that is critical to helping all families thrive. 

We also need to increase the number family-wage jobs in Pierce County. Too many of our residents are forced to travel long distances for jobs that can support their families. Not only will this increase quality of life, but also it will help improve our environment by taking cars off the road. Jason served as Chair of the Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County (EDB) and knows what it takes to incentivize job creation. Through the years, Jason has collaborated in a bipartisan effort to produce results for our communities. Given the economic challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to elect leaders who understand how to create financial security for everyone.

I hope you will join me in looking past partisan labels and voting for Jason Whalen for Pierce County Council this November.

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