District 6 includes the communities of DuPont, Joint Base Lewis-McCord, Lakewood, Parkland, Steilacoom, Anderson Island, and Ketron Island. I’m proud to have earned support from the mayors, council members, and community leaders from these communities. I am honored that community leaders from both political parties have come together to endorse me because of my track record of working together to get results.


Leo Gruba — Deputy Mayor
Kevin Ballard
— Council Member
Penny Coffey
— Council Member
Mike Courts
— Former Mayor


Don Anderson — Mayor
I am endorsing Jason for Pierce County Council because I’ve witnessed his genuine dedication to improving the lives of everyone in Lakewood. And I know he’ll bring that same dedication to communities in our county…” (read endorsement)
Mike Brandstetter — Council Member
Linda Farmer — Council Member
Mary Moss — Council Member
“Jason doesn’t have a partisan agenda; he works on behalf of the people – not of special interests or Party ideology. That’s why – though I am a Democrat – I am endorsing Jason for Pierce County Council. ” (read endorsement)
John Simpson — Council Member
Helen McGovern-Pilant — Former Council Member
“I know Jason will push for policies that incentivize affordable and safe housing options. And, I know he’ll address pressing issues in our communities by ensuring mental health services receive adequate funding. These issues are among the most important for Jason – he’s proved his dedication to them as a member of the Lakewood City Council and Deputy Mayor.” (read endorsement)
Carole Jacobs — Clover Park School Board Member
Alyssa Anderson Pearson — Clover Park School Board Member


Ron Lucas — Mayor
Roger Neil — Council Member
Loujanna Rohrer — Steilacoom School Board Member
Sam Scott — Steilacoom School Board Member


Victoria Lincoln
Doug & Jean Kotrba


David Albertson
John Ullis
Gary Smith
Jeff Gillette


Doug Richardson — Army Brigadier General (Ret)
“Jason served our country in the Army — he understands the issues because he has lived them. Our active duty military and veterans need Jason to bring his unique perspective to the council.” (read endorsement)
Bruce Dammeier — Navy officer (Ret)
Dick Muri — Air Force Lieutenant Colonel (Ret)
Jason knows what it’s like to serve our country, wear the uniform, and be deployed overseas. This kind of perspective must be lived to be fully understood. It’s critical we have a veteran on the council to represent and understand the interests of our armed forces.” (read endorsement)
Don Anderson — Navy Lieutenant (Ret)
Ken Farmer — Army Major General (Ret)


Paul Pastor — Former Sheriff
Pierce County Deputy Sheriff’s Independent Guild
West Pierce Fire Fighters Local 1488
Pierce County Corrections Guild


Master Builders Association of Pierce County
Tacoma-Pierce County Association of Realtors

Tacoma-Pierce County Business Alliance
Rental Housing Association of Washington


Bruce Dammeier — County Executive
Doug Richardson — County Council Chair
“He’s dedicated to growing family-wage jobs, attracting new business, ensuring affordable housing and mental health resources, and facilitating cost-effective delivery of services with available resources. And he’s proved his dedication – and success – as a member of the Lakewood City Council. ” (read endorsement)
Dave Morell — County Council Member
John McCarthy — Port Commissioner
Deanna Keller — Port Commissioner
Conor McCarthy — Tacoma Council Member
Keith Blocker — Tacoma Council Member


Steve O’Ban — State Senator
Dick Muri — Former State Representative
“Under Jason’s leadership, Lakewood moved from the 2008 economic downturn to financial stability – attracting higher paying jobs and business investments as well as millions of dollars in infrastructure improvements.” (read endorsement)

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