Recently, I had the honor of serving as the interim CEO of WorkForce Central. For ten years, I served as the Executive Director of the Emergency Food Network. I know the importance of building and sustaining partnerships between organizations and community members – from providing more job opportunities to enhanced services for struggling families. And, after serving with him on the Lakewood City Council, I know Jason Whalen understands how to create partnerships for the wellbeing of our communities. And it’s why I’m endorsing Jason for Pierce County Council.

Families across Pierce County are struggling with high unemployment levels. The COVID-19 crisis created significant challenges – overcoming these challenges requires the leadership of proven problem solvers. Jason pushed to adopt sound financial policies in Lakewood following the 2008 economic downturn, successfully helping the city achieve a healthier economy. Jason understands how to bring together diverse interests to find the best solution. I know he is the leader our communities need to help us through the present crisis.

With housing costs on the rise across Pierce County, it’s never been more important to ensure our residents have more accommodation options. This includes those experiencing homelessness. As a member of the Pierce County Council, I know Jason will push for policies that incentivize affordable and safe housing options. And, I know he’ll address pressing issues in our communities by ensuring mental health services receive adequate funding. These issues are among the most important for Jason – he’s proved his dedication to them as a member of the Lakewood City Council and Deputy Mayor.

Jason Whalen is the proven leader who listens and takes action for our shared values. Join me in supporting him for Pierce County Council in November. 

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