President Ronald Reagan once quipped, “Government does not tax to get the money it needs; government always finds a need for the money it gets.” Unfortunately, that’s the government’s attitude toward taxing hardworking families far too often.

I firmly believe that government plays an important role in our lives and provides a critical safety net for those in need. I also believe it’s our elected representatives’ duty to scrutinize every budget proposal to ensure cost-effective delivery of services are made with available resources.

My opponent believes the first solution to every problem is to increase taxes and spending, I completely disagree. That’s the easy way out.

Government has a duty to the people to use available resources responsibility. Regularly improving services and cutting waste by thorough reassessments is essential. As a member of the Pierce County Council, I will expect and demand smarter – and just plain responsible – budgeting strategies to ensure your hard-earned taxpayer dollars do not go to waste.

My record of service on the Lakewood City Council proves my dedication to smarter budgeting and not increasing unnecessary taxes. I gained invaluable experience serving the people of Lakewood following the 2008 economic downturn. I’m proud of our hard-fought efforts to overcome a difficult financial situation through conservative budgeting. I worked with my fellow city council members to ensure we benefitted from the expertise of a highly competent City Manager capable of navigating challenging financial waters.

I also worked to adopt sound financial policies centered on transparent and conservative financial policies and budgeting. The results speak for themselves. Lakewood is financially secure, maintains solid reserves, and benefits from an improved bond rating (with very low debt) – all essential to attracting more jobs and infrastructure investments.

Today, communities across Pierce County face difficult challenges as a result of COVID-19. Small businesses we love are closing and people are losing their jobs. Our communities need someone who won’t raise unnecessary taxes on them when they’re already struggling to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, my opponent doesn’t see it that way. She appears to support a new income tax and carbon tax, she wants to see higher property taxes and car tab fees.

Pierce County needs leaders who understand responsible budgeting. With my experience, I will be that leader for you and our communities. 

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