As I leave from my position as Pierce County Council Chair (serving the mighty District 6), I am pleased to have an experienced leader like Jason Whalen running to fill the position and serve our communities. Jason understands the importance of securing economic stability for the overall health of our communities. He’s dedicated to growing family-wage jobs, attracting new business, ensuring affordable housing and mental health resources, and facilitating cost-effective delivery of services with available resources. And he’s proved his dedication – and success – as a member of the Lakewood City Council. That’s why I’m endorsing Jason for Pierce County Council 

Jason’s leadership in Lakewood led to fiscal responsibility, making the city more attractive for higher wage jobs and infrastructure investments. Pierce County needs leaders who know how to implement transportation and infrastructure improvements and create a pathway for economic development. Jason will be that leader – I know because I’ve worked with him for years. 

A strong economy requires effective public safety – without safe communities, economic recovery following COVID-19 shutdowns is not possible. Jason values public safety and the work done by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office to protect our communities. He understands the importance of lower emergency response times, which demands our first responders have the resources they need to serve our communities.

Joint Base Lewis-McCord is in District 6. As a retired Brigadier General, I know how critical it is that the council member from this district understands the issues faced by JBLM and our men and women in uniform. Jason served our country in the Army — he understands the issues because he has lived them. Our active duty military, reserves, National Guard, and veterans need Jason to bring his unique perspective to the council.

Jason’s exemplary record in the Army, as a Lakewood City Council member and Deputy Mayor, and his commitment to public safety make him the right choice for Pierce County Council.

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