Jason with fellow Lakewood Council Member Mary Moss at Saturday’s Black Lives Matter march.

If you landed on this website, you know I am running to be your next County Council Member.

Hopefully you have also learned a bit about me, who I am, and what I stand for.   And, as importantly, who I stand with, including my friend and colleague, Council Member Mary Moss, and other members of our black and brown communities.  

Over the past two weeks our community has been rocked to its core—first with COVID-related struggles and losses for many of our businesses and families and now with heated racial tensions brought to the boiling point after the horrific killing of George Floyd in Minnesota, as well as our own recent officer-involved deaths in Tacoma and Lakewood.  This past week, I felt it was important to stand with our black and brown friends, neighbors, and community members who are rightfully angry and frustrated at their politicians, their police departments, and their government institutions.  While we recognize that institutional racism exists in our society, we also must acknowledge that we, collectively, have the power to make necessary, peaceful, and lasting change.   However, to be united, we must now act united, and treat each other with greater love and respect.   We are a nation of laws and our law makers and law enforcers must do better to instill trust and confidence that the laws, created by the people and for the people, are uniformly and fairly enforced.

I don’t have all of the answers to heal society’s racial tensions.  I will, however, commit to listening to you and walking with you in order to better work with you to make needed and lasting change.  Our nation’s motto, E pluribus unum, “Out of Many, One”, demands our collective best.

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