After last evening’s initial ballot count, I started my day by hitting the gym—a discipline I have embraced since my early days as a young Army officer. Today, I visited my local Crunch Fitness. 

After my workout (with all of the current COVID precautions in place…), I met with the Assistant General Manager, who stopped me to express a bit of angst at the current state of affairs – both the next round of COVID restrictions on her business as well as the apparent “party line” voting in the primary. After I told her I was actually on the ballot, she recognized my name and expressed her support and vote for me!  Importantly, she expressed frustration at the lack of experienced voices for small business in government.

I am running to be a voice for our small businesses in your County government! I have been representing small business owners and their families for almost 30 years in this County. I encourage you to compare my experience, background and demonstrated leadership against that of my opponent.  I am fit to fight for small businesses, like my friends at Crunch Fitness, but I need your help and support.

Join the fight with me. Together we will make Pierce County a more thriving community in which to live, work, and play. 

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